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  • E-Safety
  • Video Based Assessment
  • Coursework / Project work

Schoolstube is a unique online video sharing service specifically aimed at schools, guaranteeing a safe environment for pupils to explore and share videos.

SchoolsTube enables schools, both teachers and pupils to submit video and audio material that can be viewed, listened to and shared online. The website is specifically designed for teachers to share lesson material, whilst pupils can access learning content in a safe online environment. With an existing and ever increasing library of video clips, both teachers and pupils have access to a large bank of video resources for classroom projects.

Unlike most other video sharing sites including YouTube, SchoolsTube is moderated to ensure that all public content is suitable for a young audience. With SchoolsTube schools can create closed private video channels so that only people within the school can view the posted material, meaning the privacy of content can be maintained if desired.

With the Pro version, each individual teacher and pupil can have their own login and teachers can create unlimited users groups, allowing schools to have a high degree of control of who gets to see/hear the resources. Plus each teacher and student gets their own personal area to store and bookmark favourite videos. Additional features of the Pro version include the ability to annotate videos for assessment purposes.

With SchoolsTube and dependent on package, schools are able to:

  • Broadcast their pupils' video work online, celebrating their work and encouraging participation of parents and the local community
  • Create their own private channels for broadcasting/ sharing video and audio files to selected audiences
  • Annotate videos for evidencing and assessing pupil achievement – without modifying the movie clip itself
  • Give freedom to their pupils to explore/ research video safe in the knowledge that they have been vetted
  • Remove the headache of storage space, backup and virus

Benefits of Scholstube

To the pupil:

  • Safe environment to view and download video resources
  • Upload video work to SchoolsTube either at home or in school
  • Annotate videos to append their notes

To the teacher:

  • Central storage place to hold students’ video work and the teacher’s own video resources
  • Annotate video files for evidencing and assessment of pupil achievement

To the school:

  • Cost effective storage solution
  • Remove issues of storage, backup and virus protection of large video files
  • Tool to effectively evidence and assess video based pupil work
  • Robust e-safety solution
  • Support the school-home link by allowing schools to easily share and stream videos on the internet

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