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Video file details - "Lost Treasures Series Three ITV Episode Three" : (01:18)

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Date: 23rd Aug 08
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Channels: History
Lost Treasures Series 3 ITV Granada Episode 2 Episode Three : Britain\\\\\\\'s Darkest Days and Finest Hour Wirral once again reveals its rich archaeology. Poignant visit was the entry to the UBoat only a few days before it was dissected for display. Did this once carry archaeological treasures? The Spear of Destiny stolen by Hitler to win the war? U boats like this were used to ship exiled Nazis and their booty to places like South America. The team also talk to the Curator of the Cammell Laird collection at Wirral Museums, a Blitz survivor in Birkenhead, the investigators who excavated a crashed Spitfire at Birkenhead Parkand a man who witnessed a dramatic Spitfire-Heinkel dogfight over his house as a boy...