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Video file details - "ReacTickles for SMART Table" : (02:04)

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Added by: peter johnson
Date: 25th Jun 10
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Channels: Education
Developed as part of a research project at the University of Wales Institute Cardiff, ReacTickles provides an engaging and accessible computer environment for spontaneous imaginative play and learning. ReacTickles provides a series of interactive Tickles through which pupils with autistic spectrum conditions and other special learning requirements are encouraged to use technology. In the original version pupils can develop mouse, keyboard, whiteboard, switch and screen skills whilst being encouraged to communicate, to use fine motor skills and to work together. SMERC and the University of Wales Institute Cardiff have together developed a new version for the SMART Table embracing the multi touch and collaborative opportunities. The software also works well within mainstream early years settings enabling very young children to interact and learn to communicate as individuals and within small groups.